Section 1.  The name of the organization shall be Ventura County Dart Association.

After certification, the name of the association shall not be changed without approval of the American Dart Organization and the Internal Revenue Service.


Section 2.        The principal address/office of the Ventura County Dart Association shall be:  VCDA, PO Box 1921, Port Hueneme, CA  93044-1921.





Section 1.   Whenever the initials "VCDA" are used in these by-laws, this shall mean the Ventura County Dart Association.


Section 2. Whenever the initials "ADO" are used in these by-laws, this shall mean the American Dart Organization.


Section 3.        Whenever the word "board" is used in these by-laws, this shall mean the described body in Article V, section 1 of these by-laws.


Section 4. Whenever the word "member" is used in these by-laws, this shall mean the entire body of the VCDA.


Section 5. Whenever the term "individual member" is used in these by-laws, it shall mean an individual who has obtained membership in the VCDA.


Section 6.        As used in these By-Laws, the masculine shall be deemed to include feminine or neuter and the singular and plural number whenever the context so indicates or implies.


Section 7.        The VCDA Fiscal Year is January 1st through December 31st.





Section 1.        The purpose of the VCDA shall be to:


A.        Promote the sport of darts throughout the county of Ventura and neighboring cities and counties of southern California.


B.        Promote and support darting activities, tournaments, functions and assist other dart organizations or dart clubs in their darting activities in as much as a conflict of interest does not arise.  (conflict of interest:  a VCDA member shall not be responsible for promoting, directing and/or running any other dart organizations functions that are determined to be detrimental to the overall welfare of the VCDA).


C.        Maintain and increase interest in the sport of darts for members and non-members alike.


D.        Establish friendly relations with similar organizations and best represent Ventura County and the United States in the sport of darts through good sportsmanship.


Section 2.        The VCDA shall be a non-profit, non-racist, non-sexist, non-political and non-sectarian organization.


Section 3.        The VCDA stands firmly against the illegal use of drugs and maintains a strict drug-free policy.


Section 4.        The VCDA does not promote the use of alcohol and stands firmly against the abuse of alcoholic beverages.





Section 1.        Membership shall be open to any individual who evidences interest in darts.  An individual member shall be properly registered when membership fees have been received by an authorized board member.


Section 2.        The board shall set membership fees annually.


Section 3.        Membership fees are applicable for the period beginning January 1 and ending      December 31.


Section 4.        The board under appropriate circumstances may issue non-voting associate memberships and honorary memberships.


Section 5.        Members shall comply with applicable laws as relates to minors and alcoholic beverage control as set by local government in the area of play and the state of California.


Section 6.        Membership is non-transferable.





Section 1.        The voting board shall be comprised of the president, vice president, treasurer, secretary, statistician, chief information officer and member at large.


Section 2.        When any board vacancy occurs, (i.e. resignation, removal, etc.) with the exception of the position of President, it shall be filled by appointment of the board.  Such replacements shall be made no later than thirty (30) days following the creation of the vacancy.  Any one individual shall hold no joint offices.


Section 3.        Each board member shall be elected for a period of two years.


Section 4.        Should the president's office be vacated for any reason other than end of term, Article VII, Duties of the Vice President, of these by-laws shall prevail.



Section 5.        Repeated failure to perform his assigned duties, the duties of his elected office and any other behavior and/or actions detrimental to the VCDA shall be good cause for dismissal of any board member from his office.  The president shall issue warning to the board member; the board shall issue warning to the president.  The warning shall be verbal on the first infraction and written on the second infraction. Infractions occurring after said verbal and written warnings shall be cause for immediate dismissal of said board member.


Section 6.        An individual holding active office on the VCDA board shall not hold any office in any other dart club/organization at the expense of his VCDA responsibilities.


Section 7.        Board members in good standing may be elected to the same office for subsequent terms provided that the requirements set forth in article VI sections 1 through 3 are met.





Section 1.        Elections for VCDA board members shall take place once per year with a staggered system as follows:


                                          POSITION                                            ELECTION                                                  TERM 2 years


                                 PRESIDENT                                            PRIOR TO                                                           ODD YEARS

                                 SECRETARY                                            FALL/WINTER                                                  ODD YEARS

                                 TREASURER                                           LEAGUE                                                              ODD YEARS

                                 VICE PRESIDENT                                                                                                                 EVEN YEARS

                                 STATISTICIAN                                                                                                                      EVEN YEARS

                                 CHIEF INFORMATION OFFICER                                                                EVEN YEARS

                                 MEMBER AT LARGE                                                                                                          EVEN YEARS




Section 2.        Nominations shall be taken from the floor on the day of the general membership meeting. Nominees must be present to accept or decline nominations on that day.  A member who wishes to be nominated by the chair, shall turn in a letter of intent for any office of his choice to the VCDA board of directors fourteen (14) days prior to the general meeting. When a letter is mailed, a confirming phone call must be made to any board member.


Section 3.        Immediately after all nominations for an office are completed and accepted, the President will call for a vote from the floor.  Each nominee will be voted on in order of nominations. The nominee receiving the majority vote of members present is elected to office.






                 The president shall preside at all meetings unless excused by virtue of the no vote proviso.  He may vote only to break a tie.  His signature will be one of the four valid signatures on the checking account.




The vice-president shall assist the president in maintaining the efficiency of the operation, and in the  absence, resignation or removal of the president he shall assume the duties normally performed by the president. He is also responsible for maintaining records of active, non-participating and honorary members of the VCDA, and for the organization and function of all VCDA sponsored tournaments and ADO tournaments; these duties may be assigned to a designee of the Vice-president.  He shall be the VCDA representative to the ADO.   His signature will be one of the four valid signatures on the checking account.



The treasurer will have custody of all VCDA funds and shall promptly deposit all monies received into a VCDA account.  He shall be responsible for the collection of fees. He will be required to submit monthly an itemized cash statement to the board and prepare summarized semi-annual and annual financial statements for the membership.  His signature shall be one of the four valid signatures on the checking account.



The recording secretary will record the minutes of all meetings, handle correspondence and distribute all meeting minutes.  His signature shall be one of the four valid signatures on the checking account.



The Statistician will be responsible for collecting rosters prior to the start of league play, creating division schedules and maintaining weekly standings.


Chief Information Officer:

The Chief Information Officer is responsible for maintaining the VCDA website and coordinates with members and board members as to content. The Chief Information Officer is a voting member of the board


Member at Large:

The Member at Large will assist the board with miscellaneous projects pertaining to activities of the league. The Member at Large is a voting member of the board.





Section 1.        The board shall have no power to make, alter, amend and/or appeal any or all articles pertaining to the by-laws without a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the individual members present at a general meeting or an emergency membership meeting.


Section 2.        The board shall have the right to propose amendments to the membership.


Section 3.        Any provisions not covered in these by-laws shall be subject to “Robert’s Rules of Order revised”, insofar as such rules are not inconsistent or in conflict with these by-laws.


Section 4.        No board member and/or individual member of the VCDA shall be personally liable for the debts, liabilities and/or obligations of the Ventura County Dart Association.






Upon dissolution of the VCDA, all of the assets after payment of its debts shall be transferred or distributed to an organization or organizations as shall at that time qualify as an exempt organization under section 501c of the internal revenue code of 1954.





The VCDA seal shall be as depicted on the cover of these by-laws.  The VCDA seal shall be used on official correspondences, letterheads, notices and bulletins.  This seal may not be used by any individual or organization, without the express written consent of the VCDA board of directors.





Any member may be suspended for good cause as an individual from active participation in any affairs with the VCDA, provided that he is given notice of the proceedings against him and given the opportunity to be heard in his own defense.  “Good cause” means any action and/or inaction detrimental to the VCDA.  Any member may be suspended and/or dismissed from league play for reasons stated in the VCDA rules and regulations for league play.  Dismissal and/or suspension from sanctioned tournaments shall be governed by ADO tournament rules.





Section 1.        Board meetings:  participation in such meetings shall be obligatory on board members, subject to the provisions set forth in article V section 5, of these by-laws.


A.        Open board meetings:  any non-board member or individual may attend.  He may join in discussion with the board with no power to vote.  The President or vice-President reserves the right to expel any observer at their discretion.


Section 2.        General membership meetings:


A.        General meetings:  One meeting per year will be mandatory. General meetings must be announced by direct mail, email, text messaging, or any other form of notification as elected by each member at the beginning of the season, and to all sponsoring establishments at least 14 days prior to said meeting date. Members may waive mail notice if they wish to receive notification by another method. A copy of the treasurer’s financial report to be presented for acceptance at the general meeting is to be included in the direct mail announcement. A notification of each office up for election at said meeting must also be included with mailer along with the date, the time, location and general nature of business to be transacted.


B.        Captain’s meetings:  such meetings shall be comprised of a committee from the Board and the captain or an authorized member from each registered team.  Such meetings will be held prior to the first night of play for each season and attendance is mandatory.  Additional meetings may be scheduled as needed.


C.        Emergency meetings:  emergency meetings shall be called by the president or in his absence or inability to act, the vice-president and shall be held at such time and place as may be ordered by the board.


D.        Quorum:  a quorum shall be simple majority of members present.


     E.    Those members not on the board present at a general membership and/or emergency meeting shall constitute a quorum of the general membership.


Section 3.        Meetings shall be presided over by the President or in his absence, by the vice- President and shall be governed by “Roberts Rules of Order, revised”, insofar as such rules not be inconsistent or in conflict with the VCDA by-laws.





Section 1.        The by-laws shall be reviewed/updated by the President and the board of directors (subject to a quorum of the board) on an annual basis.  The amendments proposed by the President and the board shall be presented to the general membership for a majority vote of  the members present for final approval, as per article VIII section 1 of these by-laws.


Section 2.        The VCDA shall assume no responsibility for any accidents and/or injuries on premises during any and all VCDA sponsored events held at any establishment.


Section 3.        Any member may petition the board concerning any event or incident not specifically governed by these by-laws or the rules and regulations for league play. The member has the right to be heard on his own behalf, however, the decision is final and binding.

Article XIV



Section 1.        Type of account:  the type of bank account used by the VCDA will be with an FDIC insured institution having multiple branches.


Section 2.        Authorized signatures:  the checking account will require the signatures of any two of the following: president, vice-president, treasurer and secretary.


Section 3.        Budget: the board shall annually forecast and adopt a budget. This budget will be reviewed and adjusted accordingly on a semi-annual basis.


Section 4.        Payment authorization:  it is the treasurer’s responsibility to disburse moneys owed and maintain payment records.  The treasurer is authorized to pay, without board approval, expenses incurred up to $50.00.


Section 5.        Contracts:  the board shall have the authority to enter into contracts and agreements in the name of the VCDA


Section 6.        Reports:  the treasurer shall provide a financial statement at the monthly board meetings as well as the regular general membership meetings as per article XII, section 2 of these by-laws.


Section 7.        Audit: an audit shall be performed following the end of each Spring season. A committee to consist of two members-at-large along with one of the account signatories (other than the treasurer), shall audit the financial records of the VCDA and report the results to the board at the February board meeting.


Section 8. Tax reporting:  it shall be the responsibility of the recording and financial secretaries to determine and prepare any and all applicable tax forms. The necessary forms shall be submitted to the appropriate tax agency following board approval.






League rules: League play shall be governed by the most recent version of the VCDA “rules and regulations for league play”.


Tournament rules: Tournament rules shall be determined on an individual tournament basis by the director of tournament play and/or any applicable sanctioning body.


Board of Directors revision July 28, 2012

Approved and adopted by the Board of Directors

and the general membership











1.     These rules and regulations shall apply to all individuals who participate in, or administer to, league play sanctioned by the Ventura County Dart Association.


2.     The following terms/meanings shall apply when used in the body of these rules and regulations:


ADO                      American Darts Organization


VCDA                   Ventura County Dart Association


BOARD                Indicates standard 18” English dartboard


MATCH                The total number of games for which two teams are competing


GAME                  The total number of legs for which two players/teams are competing


LEG                      One contest between two players/teams


SCORER               Scorekeeper, marker or chalker


CORK                   Bullseye or Bull


ENTRY REQUEST           Team Roster


MASCULINE       Masculine gender nouns or pronouns shall include the feminine


SINGULAR          Singular terms shall, where necessary, include the plural


SCORE SHEET/MATCH RESULTS SHEET:  Both denote the multi-part league score sheet.




1.     The VCDA shall conduct league play throughout the year, subject to the discretion of the Board of Directors.


2.      STRUCTURE:  Each league may consist of one or more divisions of teams.  Teams shall be placed in divisions according to their caliber, with the highest caliber teams being placed in “A” division, the next highest in “B” division, and so on in descending order of caliber.


A.    The Board of Directors shall place each team with due consideration given to the following factors:  past performance, Caliber of players, availability of flights, and team request.


(1)       Under normal circumstances, the first place team in each division will be required to move to the next higher division, when applicable.


(2)       The last team of each division will be required to move to the next lower division when applicable.


                 (3)   A review of team composition by the Board of Directors may result in a team placement at variance with the team's request.


B.    Player Placement – The placement of the following types of players must have the approval of the Board of Directors:


(1)  New players – New players in the league shall be placed in the highest caliber division in which the member is competitive.


(2)  Transient – League members with approval  of the board may switch to another division/team in accordance with the following:


(a)   May move up or down division.


(b)  If listed in the top one-third of the final standings may move up two divisions.


(c)   If listed in the bottom one-third of the final standings, may move down two divisions.


(d)  The Board of Directors may place any player in a more competitive division


(e)   Any player may petition the Board of Directors for placement at variance with the above.



(3)  Former/Inactive Player – Players who have sat out the entire previous season may return to play in any division subject to the approval of the President/Board of Directors.


(4)  Appeal – All appeals of placement shall be made to the Board of Directors as soon as possible, but no later than the first match of the season.


             (5) Substitutes: A substitute may play any number of matches for any one team in one season. Substitutes must provide full name and contact information in the envelope for the night they play, or all the matches they play that night will be forfeit. A team may utilize a substitute any number times during a season. Teams are limited to a maximum of six players per night. No team may use a substitute during the last three weeks of regular season league play if they have not played two times during the season for that team, including any make-up games played during or after the last three weeks of regular season play, or playoff games.


C.    Team Captains' Duties and Responsibilities – The Team Captain (or alternate) shall represent his team in all matters pertaining to league play.  Specifically he shall individually, or through an appointed team member:


(1)   Attend all meetings called by the VCDA officials for the purpose of league play.  A one game win-point will be assessed if Captain or alternate is not present. 


(2)   Submit his team’s Entry Request and league fees to the VCDA in accordance with Section III.


(3)   Ensure that his team’s matches are played in accordance with the rules and regulations herein.


(4)   Review match reports and sign for their correctness.


(5)   When the “Home” team, ensure match results are mailed within 24 hours of completion of the match.


(6)   When the “Winning” team, ensure match results are called in to the Statistician.


(7)   Notify the Statistician or other board member of changes in the schedule or failure of a team to adhere to postponement procedures in accordance with section IV, E1-6.


(8)   Lodge complaints with the Board of Directors if noncompliance with the rules contained herein by a Team Captain is suspected.


(9)   Make certain substitute information is included with the match results.




1.      VCDA league play is open to all teams composed of VCDA members who meet the entry requirements as specified in The VCDA by-laws and as specified in these rules and regulations sections II 2a & II 2b.


2.      Entry Request – Teams desiring to participate in league play shall submit a written request to the Board of Directors in care of the league mailing address.  This request shall be mailed by the announced deadline, with all fees, and contain the following:


A.    Team sponsor’s name and the home pub.


B.    Desired division placement.


C.    Full name, current phone numbers, mailing address, e-mail address (if applicable) of each member.


3.      League Fees – Cash, checks or money orders will be accepted for all fees.  Checks or money orders should be made payable to the VCDA.  Checks returned for non-sufficient funds may result in automatic team/player removal in addition to a monetary service charge to be determined by the Board of Directors. Each individual/team participating in league play shall be assessed the following fees:


A.    Competition Fees – The current fee is to be determined by the Board of Directors and shall be assessed each player. Competition fees must be submitted with the team’s Entry Request (roster).


B.    Sponsor’s Fee – Sponsors’ fees are set at $50.00 per team.  Fees are due no later than four (4) weeks after the start of  league play.  Continued delinquencies shall result in removal of the team from league play and refusal to allow further team entry from  that sponsor.


4.      Roster Changes – Teams may make changes to their rosters subject to the following conditions:


A.    Add Player(s) – Players may be added to a team roster subject to the following provisions:


(1)  The player must pay all fees and provide full name, phone number, e-mail address (if applicable), preferred method of notification, and address on the match report.


(2)  The player may not have played for another VCDA team during the current season.


(3)  No player may be added the last two matches of the season. Substitutes may not be utilized the last three weeks of the season, including make-up games played during or after the last three weeks or in playoff games, unless they have played for that team at least twice during the regular season.



B.    Roster Limits – The total of active and inactive players may not exceed six (6) players plus one alternate.


(1)  Active Players – An active player is one who is carried on a team’s roster and is available to play in scheduled matches.


a.      If an active player has not played in a scheduled match and wishes to change teams during the current season, he may play with a new team without Board of Directors approval.  If the player has played any scheduled matches, changing to a new team requires the approval of the Board of Directors.


b.     If an active player’s team is dropped, the player may join another team without securing approval from the Board of Directors, so long as the new team is in his own division or higher.


(2)  Inactive Player – An inactive player is one who is carried on a team’s roster, but is unable to play in scheduled matches for a predetermined period of time.  For example:  a player on active military duty (TDY/TAD), a hospitalized player, or one vacationing out of town.


(3)  Request for exemption will be submitted to the President.




(4) Alternates may only be used in a match where at least one of the regular team      members has not played in that match. Captains may only list six (6) players on their    score sheet for any scheduled match.  An alternate may not finish a match for a regular    player forced to leave before completion of that match.



5.      Team/Player Withdrawal


A.    Voluntary – Team/Players desiring to withdraw will notify a member of the board as soon as possible.


B.  Involuntary – Teams/Players can be involuntarily withdrawn from the league for failure to comply with the rules and regulations of the VCDA, its By-Laws, and:


(1)   Fighting, throwing darts in anger, throwing of any objects, obscene language, or any other acts of unsportsmanlike conduct or any other conduct reflecting negatively upon the league may be considered by the Board of Directors as cause. In addition, any abuse of these rules can result in involuntary withdrawal.


(2)  Initial notification of withdrawal possibility shall be made in writing to the Team Captain and player, citing the specific reason.


(3)  Further abuses of rules:  The Team Captain shall be notified in writing of the proceedings against his team or player. The player or team will be afforded the opportunity to be heard in his/its defense before the Board of Directors.  After this appeal, the Board of Directors shall meet in closed session to consider the withdrawal.  Notification of the decision will be forwarded in writing to the Team Captain and the Team Sponsor.


(4)  Forfeits: A team is allowed to forfeit no more 20% of the scheduled matches during a season. Any team forfeiting 20% of its matches will not receive team awards. Forfeits amounting to a total of 30% of its matches or greater will result in those team matches being removed from the statistics as though they had not been played.


(5)  All matches played against a withdrawn team in any uncompleted round of the schedule shall be null and void. The following individual accomplishments shall be allowed to stand, for award/trophy purposes, for VCDA members whose team has withdrawn:  Ton-80, round of nine, dead-eye (3-bulls), low dart game, high on/off.




1.      FORMAT – The number and type of games is specified on the score sheet for each season issued with the Captain’s Kit; however the sequence by which the types of games are played is at the sole discretion of the HOME TEAM CAPTAIN, with the exception of the “Team Game”, which must be played last.  The “Team Game” shall be 1001, unless BOTH Captains agree to play 701 instead.



2.      PRE-MATCH PREPARATION – The Home Team Captain shall designate those boards on which the match will be played. Said boards shall be for warm-up during the half-hour preceding the match.  The visiting team has the choice of which of these boards he wishes to use for each individual game.  Practice on adjacent boards while a match is in progress is not allowed.




      A.  Starting time for all league matches is 7:30 P.M. unless otherwise specified.


B.   An additional 15 minutes “grace period” is allotted to preclude postponement/forfeiture of the match.


C.   Start: The match shall be considered started when both Team Captains have completed             listing the contestants for the first game of the match.


(1)  The match must be started by the end of the grace period.


(2) A minimum of four (4) players must be present for the match to be played, unless the        short team elects to shoot using a “blind” player or players.  See Section F, below.


D.  Pre-playing of Matches – Matches may be played before the scheduled date with the       concurrence of both Team Captains without notifying the Board of Directors.  Results      must be turned in within 24 hours. There will be no penalty assessment.


E.  Match Postponement – The VCDA allows for the postponement of league matches,       provided the following:


(1)  Any intent to postpone a league match must be conveyed to the opposing Team Captain no later than 36 hours prior to the scheduled start of the match.  In any situation where it is not possible to give the required amount of notice, the postponement can only proceed with the approval of the Board of Directors.


(2)  Both Team Captains must agree to the postponement.  Provided they agree, a member of the Board of Directors Must be notified before the time that the match was originally scheduled to take place.


(3)  Any postponed matches must be played before the next regularly scheduled match in that division.  Any attempt to further postpone a match requires the approval of the Board of Directors.


(4)  Teams are allowed a maximum of two (2) postponements per season.  Any team having cause for additional postponements must receive approval from the Board of Directors.  All postponed matches must be played before the last regularly scheduled match in that division for the season. NO EXCEPTIONS.


(5)  The date and time for a proposed postponed match must be agreed to by the Captains before the postponement is allowable.  Once the date and time are set and agreed upon, the postponed match is then treated as a “league match” with all rules applicable.


(6)  The VCDA realizes that extreme circumstances may exist that, for one reason or another, are not fully covered in the Rules as stated above.  In these situations, the Board of Directors reserves the right to exercise its authority to resolve such matters as amicably as possible.


F.        Minimum Players – A team must have a minimum of two (2) players present to begin match play. Having less than two players present, at the end of the grace period, will constitute a forfeit.


G        “Blinds” - A "Blind" may be played at the election of a Team Captain who has less than four (4) players present in lieu of a postponement or forfeit.  “Blind” is entered on the score sheet wherever the missing player’s name would have been written and is treated in the following manner:


          1.    Each singles game marked with “Blind” is treated as a forfeit.


     2.    For a Doubles game, the game is played with one player against two players, with                 the one-player             team skipping a turn. (This represents the team member named                                   “Blind” scoring zero.)


     3.    For the team games, the total number of players, including “Blinds”, are marked                                    for shooting order to total four players.  Each player named “Blind” scores zero                            (0) for each turn.  The number of players on the opposing team is of no                                               consequence.  Once the short team’s shots and “zero” scores total four players’                    turns, the player that shot first for the short team is up again.


     4.    No MVP points are scored for a forfeit or a blind.


4.      SCORE SHEETS – The Home Team Captain shall record the results of each match on the score sheet.


A.    Preparation – Prior to the start of each game, the opposing Team Captains shall enter the names of the players participating in the game.  The entry of names shall be “in the blind” with the Home Team entry first.  Once both teams have filled out the names, NO CHANGES in the lineup will be allowed.  NOTE:  The entire sheet does not have to be completed at one time.  It may be completed by “type” of game, e.g. Cricket Doubles, 501 Doubles, and Singles.


B.    Completion – At the end of the final game of the match, the team captains shall sign the original (top page) score sheet.  The Home Team Captain is responsible for mailing the original score sheet to the Director of League Play. It must be postmarked no later than    72 hours after the match, or a one game win-point penalty will be assessed and a Match point will be assessed for second offense.  This assessment will be separate from all other penalty points referred to in Section VIII of these Rules and Regulations. The Winning Team Captain must call in score within 24 hours after match, or one game win-point will be assessed.





A match may be played under protest or, in extreme circumstances, halted if, in the opinion of either Team Captain, an error was made in a rule interpretation.  No consideration, however, will be given any protest unless the protesting Captain adheres to the following:


1.      Immediately notify the opposing Team Captain when the protested conditions arise.  If possible, the situation should be resolved by negotiation.


2.      If the protest condition is corrected to the satisfaction of both Team Captains, proceed no further with the protest.


3.      If not corrected, complete the match and annotate the score sheet as follows:


A.    Indicate the protested condition and the point from which the match is played under protest.

B.    Both Team Captains shall initial the protest annotations.

C.    If either Team Captain refuses to follow this procedure, cease the match and immediately contact the Statistician.  If the Statistician is unavailable, the Team Captain should contact another Board Member.


4.      Within 24 hours after the completion of the match, the team lodging the protest shall notify a Board Member.  The Board of Directors shall render a decision before the next scheduled match in that division.


5.     Final appeal on the protest must be in writing to the Board of Directors.  The decision of the Board is final.


6.   If match play is halted because of intolerable conditions or other circumstances at the playing            site, the remainder of the match shall be played at a neutral site under the supervision of a          Board Member who is not a member of either team.


7.   A protest by an individual, not concurred with by the Team Captain, will be processed in   accordance with Article XIII Section 3 of the By-Laws and will not result in replay.




1.     PRE-GAME WARM-UP – Once the board has been declared open and the names of the players have been announced, each player of the game shall limit his warm-up darts to 9 darts.  This does not apply to adjoining boards prior to the start of the match.  After the match is started and score keeping begun, practice darts shall not be thrown on the game board or any other board.  A player throwing practice darts during a match on adjoining boards shall forfeit his next turn.


2.     STARTING THE GAME – The game shall be considered started commencing with the first throw for Cork.  The throw for Cork shall determine which team will throw first in the next leg of a game. The rules for Corking are as follows:


  1. Each team shall have one player (who is listed in the game) throw one dart for the Cork.  The player to throw first for the Cork shall be determined by one of two methods:  1.  The flip of a coin, with the winner of the flip having the option of throwing first for the Cork; or 2.  Home/Loser/Away, with the home team having the choice of throwing first for the Cork in the first leg.  The Captains shall decide the method by which the throw for Cork will be determined for the entire match at the beginning of match play.  If the Captains cannot agree, the coin toss will prevail.


  1. The dart must remain in the board (except when removed per Section VI.2.C.).  Additional throws shall be made when throwing the Cork until such time as the dart remains in the board.


  1. If the first thrower’s dart is in either the inner or outer Bull, the second thrower may acknowledge the first dart and ask for the dart to be removed prior to his throw.  Otherwise, the dart is to be left in the board.


  1. Should the second thrower dislodge the dart of the first, a re-throw will be made with the players throwing in reverse order.


  1. Re-throws shall be called if the scorer/players cannot decide which dart is closest to the Cork, or if the darts are both anywhere in the inner bull or both anywhere in the outer bull.  Neither the scorekeeper nor either of the players may touch the darts while measuring distance.  Should a re-throw be necessary, the players will throw in reverse order.


  1. The player throwing closest to the Cork wins the Cork and that player’s team throws first in the first leg of the game.


  1. The team that loses the first leg shall have the option of throwing the first dart for the Cork in the second leg.


  1. If a third leg is necessary, the team which, by either method stated in A, above, did not have the choice in the first leg will have the option to throw first.


  1. Skill Level Ranking/Handicap Rules


A. These rules only apply when skill level rankings are unequal between individual, doubles or the team game players.  No handicap applies when an A division team is playing within its own division. In the B and C divisions, when playing within their division, the handicap will apply if the difference between the players’ respective SLRs is three or greater. For all divisions, when playing a team in a different division, the skill level ranking handicap applies to the lower division player when that player’s  SLR is lower than that of the higher division player’s.  A player may elect not to take the handicap on the first night of season play. Once the election is made, it cannot be changed during the season.


B. The handicap will be determined by subtracting the lower ranked player’s Skill Level Rating (SLR) from the opposing player’s SLR. The difference will determine how many points are subtracted from the lower ranked player’s beginning objective in 301 and 501, and how many marked will be given to begin a cricket game. (See the Handicap Revision Sheet)


            C. Corking and doubling out will be the same for all players.


D. For doubles matches, the doubles players on each team will add their SLRs together and divide by two in order to establish their combined SLR. If the number is odd, round up to determine the SLR. The handicap for that game will be determined by using the combined SLRs.


E. For the 1001/701 team game, all players’ SLRs will be added together and averaged to determine the respective SLR of each team.


3.     TIMELINES OF PLAY – Team Captains shall start each game no later than five minutes after the last dart of the previous game. Excessive time between throws during a game will be reported as poor sportsmanship.


4.     ADO RULES – For any rules of play not specifically covered herein, ADO rules shall apply.


5.    CHALKING (SCORING) THE GAME – Whether an independent chalker is used or players            mark their own scores, the following shall apply:


  1. For a dart to score, the point must be touching the surface of the board.  A dart stuck in a gap between a staple and a wire is considered “touching”.


      B.  The score shall be counted from that point where the dart enters the board.  EXAMPLE:    If a dart enters a triple 20 area and the point goes under a wire into the single 20, the dart      scores 60 points.


      C.  There is no minimum amount of time that the dart must remain in the board to score.              After the last dart is thrown, all darts must remain in the board long enough for the score                to be verified. NOTE: delaying the score in hopes that a dart will fall is poor                                     sportsmanship and may be reported.  Common sense should prevail.


      D.  Players shall not remove their darts from the board until the score has been verified by the chalker or he has marked the scoreboard.  Errors in score must be corrected prior to removing the darts or the interpretation of the chalker will stand.


       E.   Errors in math must be corrected prior to that thrower’s or his partner’s next turn or the                score shall stand.


      F.     In “01” games, darts thrown after the winning doubles do not count and do not “bust”              the turn.


G.    In Cricket games, marks exceeding the amount required to win the game do not count and do not apply for “Deadeye/Round of Nine” awards.  EXAMPLE:  if a team requires three 18’s, three 19’s and one 15 to win and throws a triple of each, no “Round of Nine” is awarded.


H. Chalkers shall adhere to the following rules/good manners:


1.   The chalker shall remain motionless during a player’s throw.


2.   The chalker shall face the board and not turn to look at the player.


3.   The chalker shall not speak to the players unless a question is directed to him.


4.  The chalker shall make no attempt to verify a score, prior to the player finishing his       throw, unless asked to do so by that player.


5.  When asked, a chalker shall tell a player what his remaining score is.  He shall not           give “out” combinations, such as “triple 20 double 8” if 76 remains.


6.   SPORTSMANSHIP   While it is recognized that all members may not be 100% socially       compatible, good sportsmanship, common sense, and a modicum of decorum and good       manners should prevail.  Specifically, members shall not:


A.    Harass any other member for any reason, whether or not he is shooting.


B.    Engage in loud or boisterous behavior that may disturb other players.


C.    Engage in any behavior that would degrade or cast aspersion upon the public view of the VCDA.


D.    Engage in any behavior that would tend to alienate sponsorship by member pubs or other concerns.


E.     Make any demand upon a sponsor that does not fully comply with the rules for courts and equipment.  In those cases where equipment or site conditions need remedy, the ADO representative shall be the sole negotiator.  If remedy is refused, cease negotiations and contact the Board of Directors.




1.      For each night’s match, the winner of the majority of games shall be declared the winner of the match and shall receive one (1) match point, i.e. the score shall be 1-0.


2.      A record of the total game wins/losses shall be maintained.  If at the end of the season two or more teams have equal numbers of match points in a division, the standings shall be determined by the match points and the game wins. If a tie remains, a playoff between or among those teams.


3.      The first place team in any division other than A must move up to the next higher division.  Players may play in only one division per season. Any requests for variance shall be determined by the board.




1.      For each instance of penalty points being assessed, they will be recorded by the Statistician.   For each penalty point accrued, one game win point shall be deducted.  The accumulation of five (5) penalty points will result in the deduction of one (1) match point.  The exception to this rule is Section IV 4B, where as penalty points for mailing of score sheets hold different penalty assessments and will not be calculated with any other penalty points.




In all cases, team trophies shall be awarded to the first and second place team in each division.


1.      Depending upon the number of registered teams, every effort shall be made to award second     and third place awards. This decision shall be made by the Board of Directors after a review of      financial obligations and league solvency.


2.      The contribution of our sponsors is recognized.  It is also recognized that sponsorship brings its own financial and promotional rewards.  Individual sponsors will be awarded trophies, whether        perpetual or seasonal, based upon the financial obligations of the league.






3.      Individual awards shall be made for the following:


A.       Men’s High Out –                                      One per division:  “A” 120 or higher,

                                                                                           “B” 110 or higher,

                                                                                           “C  95 or higher.


          Women’s High Out -                      One per division: “A” 95 or higher

                                                                                            “B” and “C” 80 or higher.             


B.       Men’s High On –                           One per division: “A” 120 or higher,

                                                                                           “B” 110 or higher,

                                                                                           “C  95 or higher.


          Women’s High On -                       One per division: “A” 95 or higher

                                                                                            “B” and “C” 80 or higher.


C.       High Score -171 or more               One major per player per season, with add-ons for                                                                         additional occurrences


D.       Round of Nine                                One major per player per season, with add-ons for                                                                         additional occurrences  (Three triples in one throw                                                                          CRICKET only)


E.       Deadeye (three double bulls)        One major per player per season, with add-ons                                                                               for additional occurrences (CRICKET only)


F.        Low Dart Game – 301                   One per division:  “A” 10 darts or less,

                                                                                            “B” 13 darts or less,

                                                                                            “C” 16 darts or less.


G.       Low Dart Game – 501                   One per division:  “A” 15 darts or less,

                                                                                            “B” 18 darts or less,

                                                                                            “C” 21 darts or less.


H.       Highest MVP average 3 per division





                 Gambling is neither sanctioned by the VCDA nor authorized at VCDA-sponsored                  events.




1.      Sponsors or establishments are neither obligated, nor allowed under California law, to buy the     visiting team a drink during a match. No team/player shall solicit a team drink nor make        comment on its absence.


2.   Any sponsor or other league member witnessing behavior in violation of this Section should             IMMEDIATELY report the occurrence to a member of the Board of Directors.





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Board of Directors revision September 2011

Approved and adopted by the Board of Directors