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Ventura County Dart Assn.
"President's Cup" Tournament

Next President's Cup Tournament
Sept. 27, 2012 at Sam's Saloon

Fall 2011 President's Cup Tournament -

The Ventura County Dart Association would like to say thanks to the members that attended the 2011 Fall Season President's Cup at Sam's Saloon. Despite a rather low turnout, the event was fun and competitive, and we would like to congratulate
Randy Wheeler and Don Ishmael
on winning the Cup in a finals match against Debbie (sorry we don't have the last name) and Walter Johnson. The President's Cup will be engraved with the winner's names, presented at the Award's Banquet and the Cup will be displayed half of the spring season at each of winners home team's bar. We are looking forward to seeing everyone at the spring season President's Cup Tournament!

Fall 2011 President's Cup Results

  • 1st Don and Randy
  • 2nd Debbie and Walter
  • 3rd Nikole and Clem

The Fall 2009 President's Cup Tournament -

President?s Cup 2009 Tournament Report -

The 2009 Spring Season's Presidents Cup was held at the Bench Warmer on Thursday 10/22/2009. We had a total of 22 entries for the event and it was run as a seeded blind draw Chicago event. As usual the seeding made the teams very competitive and there were many matches going to the 3rd leg. In the end it was Randy ?you get a reward? Wheeler , and Teri ?Shit another reward? Sipotz who went undefeated to capture the title. For those that could not make it out you missed one of the best tournaments we put on this season, so keeps your mouse pointed to the VCDA website for information on next seasons Presidents Cup tournament.

1st Place Randy Wheeler / Teri Sipotz .. $50.00
2nd Place Bob Cobb / Ron Glass .. $30.00
3rd Place Simon McDade / Drew Christian .. $20.00
4th Place Larry Gee / Wayne Breault .. $10.00

**Special congratulations goes out to Simon McDade for hitting a Ton 80, and Bryan Gosser for hitting a Ton 71.

Spring 2008 President's Cup Tournament
Thursday, May 22, 2008

Thanks to all that participated at the Spring 2008 President's Cup tournament. We had a large turnout of 20 players, and were able to finish the night by 11:30 pm. Due to the seeding we had many good matches, but in the end it was the combined genius of Wayne "Second Place Player" Breault, and Randy "Do I make you Randy" Wheeler that came around from the backside to take the top spot. For those of you that did not make it, you missed a great night of darts and a very good time. We hope to see you all again next season.

1st Place $100.00 Randy Wheeler / Wayne Breault
2nd Place $ 50.00 Kevin Stocking / Jim Talon
3rd Place $ 30.00 Dave Allen / Howard Anderson
4th Place $ 20.00 Gary Gunn / Terry Fitch
5th Place Chip Walt Johnson / DJ Smith

Bryan Gosser

Fall 2007 President's Cup Tournament

I would like to thank all those that attended the Presidents Cup tournament this season at Sam's Saloon. Though the event got off to a late start at about 7:30 PM, it was an impressive showing of 14 people.

The format of Chicago double elimination was altered to include only 1 game of 701 on the back side. Due to the seeding of the event there were many strong teams and it was difficult to say in the beginning who would be victorious.

It did not take long however to see that the team of Bill Neel, and DJ Smith was going to be a force to be reckoned with. In the end Bill and DJ lost only one leg of one game and were victorious.

For those that did not make it to the event you missed an exciting evening of darts and a good time had by all. We hope to see you next season for this event.

1st Place
Bill Neel and DJ Smith $80.00

2nd Place
Bryan Gosser and Dan Beck $50.00

3rd Place
Larry Gee and Clem Watts $30.00

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Spring 2007 President's Cup Tournament

President's Cup Tournament Pictures Links
The Presidents cup tournament was held Thursday March 15, 2007 at the Benchwarmer in Ventura. Though there was some confusion about the start time, we did mange to get going by about 7:30, and finished right around 11:30. For those of you that did not make it we had 24 participants and some exceptional darts were thrown. The event was a seeded blind draw based on MVP points for team and singles league play. The VCDA donated $100.00 to the prize pool and Cherrie Cignetti generously matched that contribution giving us a $320.00 total prize purse.

As usual with the Seeded blind draws the partnering left victory open to just about anybody, but in the end it was Mick Farrell and Randy Nordin knocking off Randy Wheeler and DJ Smith to claim the top prize of $160.00, the coveted Presidents Cup trophy, and a spot on the next VCDA All Star Team.

Highlights of the evening included countless Ton / Ton 40 rounds, and a Ton80 thrown by Mick Farrell. The final results of the tournament can be found below. For those of you that made it out to support this event we thank you for your time and hope you will be back for next seasons Presidents Cup event. For those of you that did not make it to the event keep an eye on the VCDA website for future Presidents Cup tournament details.

  • 1st Place Mick Farrell Randy Nordin $160.00
  • 2nd Place Randy Wheeler and DJ Smith $80.00
  • 3rd Place Brian Powell and Diana Needham $40.00
  • 4th Place Johnny O'Toole and Bryan Gosser $30.00
  • 5th Place Joey Burt and John Gates $10.00

The 2006 VCDA
"President's Cup Tournament"

First Place:
Bryan Gosser and Pat Hutcheson

Second Place:
Diana Needham and Wayne Breault

Third Place:
David Allen and Randy Nordin

The Presidents Cup event was held Thursday May 4th, 2006 at the Bench Warmer in Ventura.

The Presidents Cup Tournament turned out to be a very nice event. I would like to thank Cherrie Cignetti for donating the monster sub sandwiches, they were a big hit, and Clem Watts, Diana Needham, and Jay Carson for helping me run the event.

One of the things we learned from the event is that the seeding really made a difference in evening out the playing field, however it also led to a lot of 301 legs. This in turn drug the night out later than we would have liked. The board will be looking into this issue, and we plan to make some changes to the event to shorten the time frame. We ran over by about an hour finishing around midnight. I would like to see that shaved down to 11:00 next season.

The event format may be modified to make the back side best of one game. If anyone has any suggestions about this please contact any board member, or just show up at the next board meeting. Again thanks to everyone that participated, and I hope to see you all at the Dennis Priestly event.



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