2012 iPod Shoot


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The iPod Shoot was created in 2007 to announce that the Annual Seaside Highland Games and the Ventura County Dart Association would host a Steel-tip Darts Tournament that would become a regular part of the games in 2008. It was a great chance to meet some great people, and to invite them to come into the Dart Hall, Santa Cruz Hall, to have a look at the Gold Coast Shootout Tournament, and test their skills at the game of darts! We had a great deal of interest, and we decided to continue the giveaway as a way to introduce the sport and rekindle interest.

How it works.
First of all it's free, and it's open to anyone not playing in a league or that is entered into any of the dart tournament events. What we do is give a brief explanation of the sport of darts, about the Ventura County Darts Association´┐Żs activities, darts in surrounding areas, and where they can play in other areas of the country or the world!

After signing a liability waiver and giving us a method to contact you if you win we give each person, with no warm-up or practice, a chance to throw three regulation size & weight darts at a regulation dartboard setup to record the highest score of the weekend. It does not matter if you have never thrown darts before, because we will offer advice on getting the darts to hit the board. The total score of your three darts will be totaled by staff. The highest total at the end of the weekend wins. Not everyone will win, but it's free, fun and a chance to discover a great game.

Want or need more information email vcda@vcda.org or call Diana Needham 805.302.3808


Previous iPod Shoot Winners:

2011 iPod Winner was James Barnett

Description: http://vcda.org/images/iPodWinner2010-2.jpg

After a weekend of nearly 230 entries our winner is
Alex Dunlop!
Congrats to Alex our 20010 iPod Shoot Winner!

2009 iPod Winner was Brian Helminski

Description: http://vcda.org/GCS2008/2008-iPodWinner.jpg

2008 iPod Winner Betsy Daugherty

"Ipod Nano" give away - 2007!

Description: http://vcda.org/images/VCDA-ipod-winner-a.jpg

After two days and 216 entries Monica wins the 2007 iPod Shoot!