Description: IMG_01492012 Darts Clan Challenge

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A Highest Score Darts Challenge Is hereby issued to all Clans in attendance at the 2012 Seaside Highland Games!

A Clan that chooses to answer this Challenge will send three representatives to the Dart Hall, Santa Cruz Hall, to compete in a contest of darts. The three Clan Representatives should be selected to compete for the entire contest (no substitutions). There is no age requirement or restrictions. There will be a bonus for the three teams that have the largest age difference between the oldest and youngest contestants on the team.

The Competition:

Any recognized Clan at the Highland Games will be allowed to participate in the Clan Challenge, Register with Challenge Staff in Santa Cruz Hall.

Teams will be competing for highest total nine (9) dart score on Sunday.

Teams will be composed of three (3) Clan members, and have at least one female contestant. Bonus points will be awarded for the widest team age range between the oldest and youngest team member (team members must throw on their own).

-        Teams will have nine (9) darts per attempt to set the High Score.

-        Each team member will throw three (3) darts each.

-        Each team will have a maximum three (3) attempts at throwing nine (9) darts to set a High Score during the contest.

-        All team members must be present to make an attempt for high score.

Winning the Challenge:

Top three (3) scoring teams in the Clan Challenge will throw on the Championship Board, if one of the top three teams is unavailable the team with the next highest score will be invited to compete.

Each team will throw nine (9) darts with each of the three (3) team members throwing a maximum of three (3) darts each.

The highest scoring team after each team has thrown 9 darts and the age differential bonus will determine which team wins. Second and Third place will be determined based on scoring during the 9 dart shootout. The top five (5) Clans will be given Honorable Mention for participation in the Gold Coast Shootout Clan Challenge.

Prize / Awards will be presented during the Highland Games Awards Ceremony. ��