Ventura County Dart Association

SLR Calculations

Calculation of SLR rankings are as follows:

  1. Players are ranked, in order, based on their record in Singles and through their MVP Point standings on league night.
  2. In most cases, only the top and bottom 10% of both men and women are considered for an adjustment of their handicap.
  3. Twice a season these players are evaluated by the Board and a decision is passed down as to whether or not the handicap needs to be adjusted, either up or down.
  4. Exceptions to this might be if a player plays infrequently, (i.e. Subs), or if the Board feels there may have been some neglect in MVP Points record keeping.
*Rankings are never changed based on one match or on the advice of one player. The data and the Board must agree in order to make a change.