From: Della Fleetwood
Subject: Las Vegas Open Results
Dear Friends,
The 29th annual Tom Fleetwood Memorial Las Vegas Open is now history. For your information, I have attached is a copy of the official tournament results.

This year's event was a tremendous success, thanks to the generosity of our Dartboard Sponsors (DMI / Puma Darts Products, Ltd.) and the wonderful cooperation and hospitality from the Tuscany Suites & Casino. My sincere appreciation also goes to the ADO, for selecting this tournament as the site for their annual National Cricket Championship, and to the players -- from 42 states and 7 nations -- who chose to participate in the tournament.

As always, I am indebted to my Triple Crown Staff members. Their enthusiasm, support and reliable efficiency makes them the BEST in the business!!!
Once again, players opened their hearts and wallets, in support of the Raffle for the Prevention of Child Abuse. A total of $550 was collected, all of which will assist in the on-going effort to strengthen families and insure a brighter future for their children!

The 2008 Las Vegas Open is tentatively scheduled for January 25 - 27, at the Tuscany Suites & Casino. Further information will be forthcoming, later this year!!! I hope to see you there!!!!
Best Regards,
Della A. Fleetwood, Owner / Director
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TRIPLE CROWN PRODUCTIONS                                                                                                       Della A. Fleetwood

            Prizes:   $ 20,010.00                                     29th  Annual                                Tournament Director / Coordinator


          Sanctioned by:   ADO                                  LAS VEGAS OPEN       'The Bandit' Boards

             Ranked by:  WDF                                                                                                     Supplied by:  PUMA Dart Products, Ltd. 

                                                                          January 26 - 28, 2007                 

451 Players  =  42 States & 7 Nations                               Las Vegas, NV                       Official Hotel:  Tuscany Suites & Casino          


MEN’S 501 SINGLES = 181 entries                                                                         LADIES’ 501 SINGLES = 71 entries

Chris White - Foster City, CA                                                      1ST                        Stacy Bromberg - Las Vegas, NV           

John Kuczynski - Zion Grove, PA                                               2ND                        Marilyn Popp - Camden, DE

Jim Widmayer - Staten Island, NY                                        JOINT 3RD                Tricia Wright - London, England

John Kramer - Laguna Niguel, CA                                                 “           Robin Curry - Ontario, Canada

Dan Moore - Aurora, CO                                                       JOINT 5TH                 Gail Payne - Worcester, MA

Gary Mawson - North Royalton, OH                                             “           Brenda Roush - Denver, CO    

Isen Veljic - Northbrook, IL                                                             “                           Laura Power - London, England             

Stephen McHale - London, England                                             “           Yoshie Sato - Tokyo, Japan

Jeff Bowman - Canton, OH                                    JOINT 9TH                 Tomomi Yamaguchi - Tokyo, Japan

Jeff Hubbard - Las Vegas, NV                                                         “           Mary Jo Chesney - Philadelphia, PA

Mark McGuigan - San Francisco, CA                                            “           Elizabeth Nieuwenhuis - Hilversum, Netherlands

Paul Lim - San Bernardino, CA                                                       “           Rose Carrigan - Henderson, NV

Jim Edwards - Tucson, AZ                                              “           Trish Grzesik - Ontario, Canada

George Walls - Beech Grove, TN                                                   “           Melissa Wargo - Jacksonville, FL

Darin Young - Freeland, PA                                                            “           Doreen Berry - Bechtelsville, PA

John Rutherford - Ontario, Canada                                                “           Risa Yoshida - Yokohama, Japan


MEN’S CRICKET SINGLES = 211 entries                                             LADIES’ CRICKET SINGLES = 80 entries

Brad Wethington - St. Louis, MO                                               1ST                       Tricia Wright - London, England

Scott Wollaston - Dallas, TX                                                       2ND                       Laura Power - London, England

Chris White - Foster City, CA                                               JOINT 3RD                Yoshie Sato - Tokyo, Japan

Joe Slivan - Winter Park, FL                                                            “          Marilyn Popp - Camden, DE

Paul Lim - San Bernardino, CA                                             JOINT 5TH                Robin Curry - Ontario, Canada

David Fatum - Surprize, AZ                                                             “          Gail Payne - Worcester, MA

Davis Snider - Euless, TX                                                                “          Jan Turner - Anaheim, CA

John Part - Ontario, Canada                                                            “          Holly Carver - Salem, MA

Steve Brown - Cahokia, IL                                     JOINT 9TH                Doreen Berry - Bechtelville, PA
Gary Mawson - North Royalton, OH                                             “          Brenda Roush - Denver, CO

Isen Veljic - Northbrook, IL                                                             “          Melissa Wargo - Jacksonville, FL

Dan Zimmerman - Wichita, KS                                                        “          Beth Baker - Tucson, AZ

John Kramer - Laguna Niguel, CA                                                 “          Maggie Martell - Pleasant Hill, CA

Danny Baggish - Milton, FL                                                           “          Suzie Hall - Hurst, TX

John Kuczynski - Zion Grove, PA                                                  “          Mary Jo Chesney - Philadelphia, PA

Aaron Turner - London, England                                                   “          Yoshimi Shindo - Tokyo, Japan



HIGH SCORES Recorded on Site:  180 –  David Ansell (2), Bill Bell (2), Charles Bradish, Stacy Bromberg, Paul Canavan, Americo 'Rick' Canque,

Jeff Craven (2), Cyndi Deaton, Brenda Dyer, Aldo Hammond, Masahiro Hiraga, Paul Hollis (2), Pat Howard, Mark Jacobs, Gene Lugo, Kevin Luke (2),

Ritsuko Nomura, Anthony Poplawski, Marilyn Popp, Robert Raynaud (2), Matt Stauffer, Lisa Weiler, Dave Woodman & Chris Yates (3).  

ROUND of 9 –  Cyndi Deaton, Doug McDonough, Melissa Wargo.   DEADEYE – Sean Downs & Joe Slivan.


                                                                2007 Most Valuable Player:  CHRIS WHITE




Results & Statistics - 2007 LAS VEGAS OPEN                                                                                                                               Page 2 of  2


MEN’S  501 DOUBLES = 101 entries                                                                     LADIES’ 501 DOUBLES = 47 entries

Wesley Newton - Lancashire, England                                      1ST                       Marilyn Popp  - Camden, DE    

John Part - Ontario, Canada                                                                                       Stacy Bromberg - Las Vegas, NV

Robbie Eshelman - Casper, WY                                                   2ND                       Yoshimi Shindo - Tokyo, Japan

Dan Moore - Aurora, CO                                                                                             Yoshie Sato - Tokyo, Japan

Gary Mawson - North Royalton, OH                                   JOINT 3RD                Lori Burgett - Brighton, IL

Steve Brown - Cahokia, IL                                                                           Melissa Clopton - Chicago, IL

Bruce Mills - San Antonio, TX                                                       “          Maggie Martell - Pleasant Hill, CA

Chris Yates - Midland, TX                                                                           Michelle Martell - Pittsburg, CA

Kevin Luke - Sunnyside, WA                                               JOINT 5TH                Tricia Wright - London, England

Joseph Heneghen - Las Vegas, NV                                                                            Brenda Dyer - Isle of Wight, UK

Paul Hollis - London, England                                                        “          Gwen Olds - Houston, TX

Aaron Turner - London, England                                                                               Suzie Hall - Hurst, TX

Darin Young - Freeland, PA                                                            “                          Rose Middleton - Arden, NC

Brad Wethington - St. Louis,  MO                                                                             Laurett Meddis - East Islip, NY               

Davis Snider - Euless, TX                                                                “          Risa Yoshida - Tokyo, Japan

Bryan Blake - Fayetteville, NC                                                                                    Tomomi Yamaguchi - Tokyo, Japan


MIXED 501 DOUBLES = 89 entries                                                                       MIXED CRICKET DOUBLES = 98 entries

Chris White - Foster City, CA                                                     1ST                        Bill Davis- Philadelphia, PA

Mischelle Martell - Pittsburg, CA                                                                              Mary Jo Chesney - Philadelphia, PA

Ray Carver - Nashua, NH                                                            2ND                        John Part - Ontario, Canada

Tricia Wright - London, England                                                                               Robin Curry - Ontario, Canada
John Kuczynski - Zion Grove, PA                                       JOINT 3RD                 Danny Baggish - Milton, FL

Marilyn Popp - Camden, DE                                                                                        Melissa Wargo - Jacksonville, FL

Gary Mawson  - North Royalton, OH                                           “           Ray Carver - Nashua, NH

Gail Payne - Worcester, MA                                                                                       Tricia Wright - London, England

Scott Wollaston - Dallas, TX                                             JOINT 5TH                  Tim Grossman - Hudson, NY

Gwen Olds - Houston, TX                                                                                           Maria George - Dallas, TX

Darin Young - Freeland, PA                                                           “           Isen Veljic - Northbrook, IL

Stacy Bromberg - Las Vegas, NV                                                                               Suzie Hall - Hurst, TX

John Kramer - Laguna Niguel, CA                                                “           Dan Carroll - Akron, OH

Anne Kramer - Laguna Niguel, CA                                                                           Jamie Mawson - North Royalton, OH

Bill Davis - Philadelphia, PA                                                         “           Darin Young - Freeland, PA

Mary Jo Chesney - Philadelphia, PA                                                                         Stacy Bromberg - Las Vegas, NV


BLIND DRAW 501 DOUBLES = 274 entries                                                        OPEN CRICKET DOUBLES = 123 entries

Jim Nolan - San Jose, CA                                                             1ST                        Wesley Newton - Lancashire, England

Ken Swanson - Norman, OK                                                                                John Part - Ontario, Canada                                                                            

Ichiro Sakamoto - Tokyo, Japan                                                2ND                         Jim Widmayer - Staten Island, NY

Dave Johnson  - San Diego, CA                                                                                 Tim O'Gorman - Melville, NY

Gary Peterson - Anaheim, CA                                            JOINT 3RD                  Jim Newman - Croydon, PA

Takao Tanida - Kobe, Japan                                                                                       Fred Krueger - Providence, RI

Andrew Bennett - Saugus, CA                                                      “           John Kuczynski - Zion Grove, PA

Jim Ross - Bridgeview, IL                                                                                            Ray Carver - Nashua, NH

Benji Hemphill - Madison, MS                                           JOINT 5TH                  Charles Meininger - Aurora, CO

Chris White - Foster City, CA                                                                                     Chris Steveson - Aurora, CO

C.J. Jeglinski - Cottonwood, AZ                                                    “           David Fatum - Surprize, AZ

Mark McGuigan - San Francisco, CA                                                                       Chris White - Foster City, CA

Aaron Turner - Surrey, England                                                    “           Paul Hollis - London, England

Keeth Wilkinson - Denver, NC                                                                                   Aaron Turner - London, England

David Strotman - Sierra Vista, AZ                                                 “           Dave Johnson - San Diego, CA

Gene Lugo - San Antonio, TX                                                                                    Fred Aguero - San Diego, CA  

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